Interactive Installations

City: Montreal
Direction & conception: FRACTION, MAOTIK
Central structure construction & projection mapping:
Fred Tretout, Stefano Gemmellaro
Client: ArtTV
City: Montreal
Facets is a pronounced tendency for playfulness, imaginative expression, and user-engagement conveyed through excellent design and use of technology.
Impact de Montréal
Client: Videotron / Wasabi atelier expérientiel 
City: Montreal
Creative director :  Pierre Bouahom
Concept: Sébastien Dupras-Rhéaume et Pierre Bouahom
Direction artistique : Josselin Bey et Anne-Marie Lavoie
Art direction, concept, motion design and 3D animation for this
2x Interactive and immersive instalations 10' by 20' long.
Winner of the Boomerang Contest and nominated for Numix.
Game 1: Users were able to test their precision by shooting a virtual ball at moving aims. 
Game 2: Users could play against eachothers by shooting or defending the goal with their smartphones.
Interactive App by Fred Tretout
- -
Leap Motion and TouchDesigner.
Playback video for dome at the Societé des Arts Technologiques with TouchDesigner by Fred Tretout.
Arduino, TouchOSC, TouchDesigner
SPOKA is a projection mapping interactive.
Its a small night light and it can put on its iron armour, trace the history of a lifetime or reveal its wireframe - the spectator has to choose! You can also move its light and rotate the model to see it from its most beautiful angle.